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05. oktoober 2002 | MOVIES.ee

Nädalavahetusel ei peaks inimesed mitte tööl istuma, kui nad just teenindavasse sfääri ei kuulu. Seetõttu paluks mitte kurvastada ja imestada, et seekordne nupuke rubriigist „Uusi projekte“ on tõlkimata jäetud. Puhas kleebi-ja-lõika, väljaannete Variety ja Hollywood Reporter põhjal.

* Willem Dafoe will play the villain in Fox Searchlight's drama THE CLEARING opposite Robert Redford and Helen Mirren. He‚ll play a disgruntled employee who kidnaps wealthy executive and negotiates a ransom through the executive's wife. Alessandro Nivola is in talks to play the couple's son. Production begins Sept. 23 in North Carolina.

* Gary Sinise will star in director J. Mills Goodloe‚s AUGUST AND EVERYTHING AFTER about a group forced to examine their lives after a harrowing experience on an airplane. Sinise will play a clean-cut sports broadcaster whose career ends when he makes ugly remarks to a player on the air.

* Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke are in talks to star in Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow Pictures' TAKING LIVES about a female FBI profiler who must bring in a serial killer who has spent 20 years assuming the identities of the people he has killed.

* Kate Winslet is in talks to join Jim Carrey in ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, an eclectic drama written by Charlie Kaufman. The project is set partly in the human mind -- specifically, in the mind of a man trying to put memories of a particularly steamy relationship with his ex-mate behind him. Production is expected to begin in January.

* Music video helmer Jessy Terrero will direct SOUL PLANE for MGM. The project is described as an urban version of the classic 1980 comedy AIRPLANE.

* Karey Kirkpatrick (CHICKEN RUN) will co-adapt the screenplay of Douglas Adams' THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. Adams originally penned the adaptation prior to his death last May and will have a posthumous producing credit. Jay Roach (AUSTIN POWERS) is attached to direct and produce.

* Disney is in talks with Yuen Wo Ping, the Chinese choreographer of THE MATRIX and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, to direct a live-action take on SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. The update is set in the 1890s and follows a woman who returns home to Hong Kong to attend her father's funeral after 20 years abroad. She discovers that her stepmother is plotting against her and escapes to mainland China, where she seeks solace with seven Shao Lin monks who, in turn, come to believe the woman holds the fate of the world in her hands and protect her. Josh Harman and Scott Elder penned the script.

* Miramax Films has tapped Charlie Mitchell to adapt THE CHILDREN OF THE DUST BOWL, the nonfiction book by social historian Jerry Stanley. The project will star Jim Carrey as a school teacher in 1939 Bakersfield, Calif. and center on a group of "Okie" immigrant children who were barred from the California school system as being undesirable to educate. The teacher and the children walked into the desert and built their own school, using whatever materials they could find.

* Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon will rewrite THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, the sequel to the summer box office hit. The picture is set to begin shooting early next year and is slated for a May 7, 2004, release.

* Sidney Lumet has adapted and will direct THE SET-UP, based on the 1949 classic of the same name. Benjamin Bratt and James Gandolfini are attached to star, and Halle Berry is in talks to join them. It's about a 35-year-old professional boxer whose glory days have passed. The mob demands he throw a big fight for a cash reward but he's unwilling to accept defeat, as a boxer and as a man. He manages to win the fight and to reaffirm his love for his long-time girlfriend.

* Jamie Lee Curtis has joined Lindsay Lohan in FREAKY FRIDAY, replacing Annette Bening who dropped out for undisclosed reasons, for director Mark S. Waters. Mark Harmon is in talks to join the cast.

* Tom Hanks will star in POLAR EXPRESS for director Robert Zemeckis and based on Chris Van Allsburg's children's book. Hanks will also star in the black comedy THE LADYKILLERS, a remake of the 1955 movie starring Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers, for Joel and Ethan Coen.

* Owen Wilson will join Ben Stiller in STARSKY & HUTCH, tol begin production in February, for director Todd Phillips (ROAD TRIP).

* Nicole Kidman is in advanced talks to star in the psychological thriller BIRTH for director Jonathan Glazer (SEXY BEAST). The project is about a 35-year-old New York woman into whose life comes an infatuated 10-year-old boy, claiming to be the reincarnation of her husband, who died 10 years earlier. Glazer co-wrote the script with Jean-Claude Carriere.

* Nicolas Cage is attached to star in the science fiction thriller BACK UP, written by Tom Vaughan, for Castle Rock Pictures. It's about a cop who is brought back to life to investigate his own murder.

* John Travolta is in talks to star in JOE'S LAST CHANCE for director Andrew Bergman, Outlaw Prods. and Intermedia Films. It's about a dedicated hit man who travels to a tropical paradise to terminate his "mark." However, when the mark inadvertently saves the hit man's life, the hit man gives him a stay of execution and takes a long-overdue vacation, sparking an unexpected friendship with the man he is supposed to kill.

* Eric Bana will star opposite Brad Pitt in Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow Pictures TROY for director Wolfgang Petersen.

* Benoit Magimel will reprise Vincent Cassel's role in CRIMSON RIVERS 2, co-starring Jean Reno and written by Luc Besson, for director Olivier Dahan.

* John Logan will write a sequel to GLADIATIOR for DreamWorks and Universal picking up 15 years after the end of the first installment.

* Mel Gibson will direct THE PASSION, starring James Caviezel in a chronicle of the final 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ. The project, to be shot in Latin and Aramaic, will begin production in Italy on Nov. 4. Gibson is in talks with Monica Bellucci to play Mary Magdalene, Sergio Rubini to play the good thief Dismas, and Rosalinda Celentano has signed to appear as Satan. Ben Fitzgerald and Gibson scripted from several sources, freely adapting the diaries of Anne Catherine Emmerich, Mary of Agreda's THE CITY OF GOD and the New Testament Gospels of Luke, John, Matthew and Mark.

* Richard Linklater will direct Jack Black in the comedy SCHOOL OF ROCK, written by Mike White (ORANGE COUNTY, THE GOOD GIRL), for Paramount. It's about a musician who moonlights as a substitute teacher, shaking up the uptight private school with his rock 'n' roll ways.

* Brett Ratner will direct SUPERMAN for Warner Bros. and producer Jon Peters. Preproduction will begin immediately, with an expected April or May start date. J.J. Abrams is writing the script as part of a trilogy.

* Paramount is in talks to purchase the feature rights to BAD GUY, an indie comic book by Jason Harris and Zack Morrissette, which Barry Josephson and screenwriter David Hayter will produce. Harris and Morrissette will write the script about a world in which those who wish to be superheroes can interview at the Oden Co., which then puts candidates through various tests, then give them an appropriate superpower, costume and city in which the chosen ones will be based to fight crime. When the superheroes get bored on the job and begin abusing their powers a mortal named John takes it upon himself to fight the villains via contract killings.

* Antoine Fuqua is in talks to direct the drama THE JACKET for Paramount about a falsely imprisoned man who learns how to see into the future and tries to change his fate.

* Warner Bros. Pictures is in final talks to pick up the feature rights to id Software Inc.'s video game property DOOM for John Wells Prods. to produce with Lorenzo di Bonaventura. The feature film version will aim for a PG-13 rating.

* MGM is planning a sequel to BARBERSHOP, starring Ice Cube.

* Producer Lauren Lloyd (FREDDY GOT FINGERED) will produce EASY RIDER A.D., the sequel to the 1969 classic. Sean Jacques is writing the script. The sequel begins with Wyatt "Captain America" Earp alive but in prison, falsely accused of the murder of George Hanson. A new character aims to prove him innocent and the duo then sets out "in search of America" once more.

*Val Kilmer signing on to play late porn king John Holmes in Lions Gate Films’ Wonderland, a movie about the 1981 quadruple homicide involving Holmes and his teenage lover. Lisa Kudrow, Josh Lucas, Christina Applegate and Kevin Pollak are in talks to costar. Shooting starts in Los Angeles in November.

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